Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I admit defeat.

this blog is officially dead.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

im in school now and im not feeling so good. im down with flu . what a month for me. i went to east coast village to eat with fikri ystd and we ate alot.. im sorry and i guess my emotions are running wilder now. im sorry fikri. im taking my shirt after sch cos i sent for alteration ystd. then im gonna buy burger ramly cos they are selling that, near to the shop that i alter my shirt and skirt. im off now. lesson's over.

timecheck: 3.36pm

2nd post for the day. we ended our lesson at 11.15pm like tt. me daya aini n shefah went to LJS at east pt for our lunch. half way, daya gtg cos she have to sit for her O levels xams at 2.30pm. me and the other 2 went to tampines mall and went shopping. in the end i bought myself a bag from BHG. school bag cum jalan2 bag. ok lah. cheap. then, we encounter many2 weird and mental people. aini's fault. she attract this sort of ppl. first was in the bus 31 when a mental little boy suddenly held her hand. then, kat 500+ she and shefah sat bside this mental girl also.. and tt gal was yearning for aini =p. and kedai specs this pakcik panggil2 and he said "jambu seh jambu seh". it was funny when sharifah imitate tt. and he mintak number.. masyaAllah.. it was super funny... now im gonna take my baju from my alteration shop. ive been using many2 tissue to wipe my flu. and i hope i can get to meet fikri later. AMIN.

listen to this song cos it means so much in a relationship. Im not getting any better. fikri told me to rest @ hm and not meet him but who cares.. i still want to meet him.. Hehhhee. aghhh. my nose it so itchy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

ystd, went out with fyk. we went many places. rent dvd and we watch it together. yah, just e 2 of us. tali pocong perawan & the hottie and the nottie. watched both. and then, we went to eat @ secret recipe, marina sq's outlet. it was supposed to be my treat. i ordered fish n chips and he ordered chicken smtg smtg, i cnt rmmbr. den his food wasnt appetizing to him. so i offered if he wanted to xchange dish with me. he took my fish n chips =(. eating his dish, makes me want to vomit. itu pasal tk habes. but takpe lah. let him eat the nice one. last2, fyk yg byr for the meal. thanks sayang. kwang3. =). then we went to watsons when i saw nadia, kwn keje lama. we talk2, den fik paid for my hair wax too. =(. thanks again sayang. we went to kallang to play arcade. spend 7 bucks in total. i told si fyk nie to keep my remaining 7 bucks but i think he terbawak balek and today i got no sch money. as in,no loose cash. so the troublesome thing is have to withdraw. leceh.. den me and babes ate @ noods (however u spell it). so tak sedap...den...............homesweethome. im going to tailor to change my sch skirt nye zip cos its rosak. pagi2 tadi buat hal. so i use another black skirt.. den after going to tailor im meeting fyk. nak makan fish n chips k .. this time u cannot take my dish. i wont offer =p. till here.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

hey all. and so, my dad gave me the new phone he bought!! wheee!!!! w760i! actually, mmg patut pon die kasi pakai that fone. cos he upgrade MY LINE and bought tt fone. ok im so happy. =). smlm, kecoh pe kat east coast park. malas nak elaborate. jumpe fik jap abeh he sent me to izah's place cos got open house. reach der ard 10.30pm gitu. abeh baring2 ngn izah dlm bilik, gossip, story telling, tgk cite hantu etc. i was so tired. nari dayne ader open house but i dun think im going. sorry dayne. aniwaes, u all shud try listening to GOODBYE by MILEY CYRUS. im so addicted to the song. ok la i shall end my update here today. have a nice day ya'll.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

ANIWAY U ALL, IM CURRENTLY NOT USING HP. MY 2ND BRO PAKAI COS HE SENT HIS TO SERVICE CNTR. SO ANYTHING CALL MY HOUSE. (unless my dad is kind enough to lent me one of his spare fone, den ya'll can reach me thru my mobile)

the 3 curly hair girls and barney (lol)

malam2 tanak balek.. kedai smue dah tutop, kiter merempat kat lua..
my bitch got herself an ipod touch and she wrote this at her notes

happy birthday shafiq. u know u love my presents. hahaha!!!

well, today syidah came over my hse, we dvd-ed for a while and then went out. lepak. met shafiq and then gave him his birthday present. i bought for him a bag from converse, body shop's soap and adidas' waterbottle. im glad fiq likes it.. then we met wan ci. baru nak lepak skali kedai tutop.. sappp.. so we took lots of fotos. and kedai at interchange terbakar sey.. so pitiful. deret macdonal cpf building. satu deret hangus. haha. we lepak at pondok den suddenly got bynk moto tau den me and babe dh mcm takot. skali....!!!! si faliq pulak!! ruper2 nya, those mat moto are my senior in sec sch. walauey.. so me and faliq lek chill bual2 jap.. catch up on old times.. bynk2 tmpt, nmpk die pt pondok plak..
familiar kan that phrase =p
u noe i noe la kan girlfriends.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

phew. finally, jalan raya is was the best. pics will b uploaded once i get hold of them. i miss my potential.

'Cause it's over,I swear it's over this time.So don't keep calling leavin' messages,Don't wanna know where you been
...'cause it's over
im trying to erase you off my mind

Friday, October 10, 2008

u've been wonderful & all that u can be
thanks thanks thanks for the long 3 years of love. i guess for now, the pieces dont fit anymore.
and you know what i mean.. thanks for ignoring my calls, hanging up on me, avoiding me.
insyaAllah i will be able to move on (with the help of my gfs that is!)

my daily life:
these are the neoprint fotos we took ystd at cathay.

sorry auntie.

they are my only strength in life.

meeting point was at syidah's plc. so me and siti went over and then we proceed to compass point to eat long john where this girl tapped on my shoulder to ask me for my hp number cause her guy friend nak kenal2. i was like, ape eh? why me eh? before that, we heard the guys in that group asking one another, "kau nak yang mane? yang baju hitam, hitam atau hitam?" its pure coincidence that we 3 wore black tank top and 3 quater skirt. then, we wen to sentosaaaa. gerek kepe. altho its only the 3 of us, we had fun! then while walking at the beach, budak2 lelaki melayu kacau. they said "my favourite colour is black!". get it? like i said. all of us is wearing black tank top. so yeah. dorng saje nak kacau. in the train otw back to vivo, ader pakcik stalker talked to syidah. kwang3. at vivo,ader grp of minah cari pasal siak ngn kiter.. dun wanna talk bout it lah. ingt nak g karaoke, skali ct sakit. ok den we went to town to take neoprint. No, its not kental k.. so ct went back naik cab from cathay, me and syidah took train. sampai kt tamp, i heard someone calling my name. skali toleh, eh! shahryl. LOL. my primary school friend. bual2 kejap. den we went our separate ways. skali nak beli eyeliner, eh! nampak my primary sch fren lagi, Baizurah. haha. den nak balek, syidah went to meet wan ci while i took a bus home alone. ader 2 matrep ikot kiter sey.. ewww. ok whatever. aniwae babes, sory if i irritate u two tadi cause i know i act like a psychotic freak talking, smiling, kissing my own hp. kwang3!!!! hahahahahaha!!!! u noe i noe la kan .. =p


Thursday, October 9, 2008

my time was filled with joy, laughter and wonderful people around me yesterday. thanks thanks thanks. despite of losing my voice, the plan for yesterday night still went on. and i really did have fun. we laugh, we scream, we tease, we took pics & we gossip...there we a total of 6 people including me. 5 guys and myself. but they are all nice people. we chilled at arab street first. while ngh lepak, this toyota wish car pass my us and lagu dier buat kuat2. P plate summore. skali check2, the driver is BOY (kwn fikri, farihin). i was like, erg! azri and all kutuk boy sey.. dorng ckp kreta bapak2 abeh nak step bukak lagu kuat2. makkk.. whatever la..made our way "there" at 10.45pm and sui-sui we reach at 11pm.went there by car. Azri drove. His car's radio and tv is spoilt so we had to make our own radio which is our own jokes. half way thru while we're at that place, i suddenly felt hungry. too hungry tt i wanted to vomit. so was azri. so me and him decided of eating supper after that. while we were at that place still, i lost my voice and the guys was teasing me. my bro went out to excuse himself for quite some time, about, 30 mins-45 mins so i was there with azri & jasman. it was so cold that mywhole body was numb. the material of my cardigan is too thin so i borrowed azri's sweater and kesian dier, kesejukan. we (me & azri)both dah tired. we chill one corner, rest our heads. my abg, jasman, owerk and another guy, still active.blah bleh bloh, we went to eat supper at simpang. azri's eyes were too tired to drive. but Alhamdulillah we managed to reach home safely. reached home ard 4+ in the morning tadi. too tired. so i went to sleep straight when i saw my bed. and now, im forced to wake up cause its another happy day for me. the plan today and tonight is more fun den yesterday.
thanks. im off to bathe now.
timecheck: 10.19am.
i only had 4 hours of sleep =(
but its ok. what can i say. girls just wanna have fun.
see you again this sunday, azri.
sleepover time! kwang3.

it hurts when u say that u understand me

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my girl, one of them who is my 2nd half. i love you i love you i love you. thank you for spending your everyday with me. i cudnt ask for more. no guy will ever replace you. promise k. hehhz.

guess what people, i kinda lost my voice and this sucks!!! malam nie baru plan nak gi...alah ader la but yang penting is, my voice is lost and cm mane nak klua malam nie?! oh well. apelah naseb.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

yesterday, i met up with my lovelies. i went over to syidah's place, chill2 makan kuih2 and watch the hills with her (romantic or what) til 1.30pm. then we made our way to AMK mrt station to meet emma at bugis and i bought the skirt and top i wanted. plus bangle and necklace. the total i spend ystd was.. 27 bucks. hey! considered cheap k. top, bottom, necklace and bangle for 27 bucks. you dont need expensive stuff to look nice. its how u mix and match it. and so, i bought all my needs. and im gonna save my few hundred dollars in my bank!my contact lens was torturing me so i decided to open it and pinjam emma's casing. then, i shall not elaborate more about what happned btwn 5.30pm - 6.30pm cos my gfs noe what happened. they made their way to PS and as for me, i made my way to Pasir ris to meet fikri.

u noe i noe what happened fikri. and i'll keep to my words this time.

anw, shira if you reading this, im planning to go out with nasri and dzul around november or december. nasri suro kau open table. hahaha! (since kau kaya, why not. collection bynk kan). anything u msg me k

Whatever you give a woman, she’s going to multiply.
If you give her sperm, she’ll give you a baby.
If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home.
If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal.
If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart.
She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.
So - if you give her any crap, you will receive a ton of shit.

Monday, October 6, 2008

im currently @ babygirl's place now.she's dressing up while here i am uploading fotos from her digicam that we took on saturday.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm looking for the peace to find some sleep tonight
Cause I'm Not very proud of the way I have lived today.

Me, Aini and daya. the good old days.
(ignore the date. daya salah set the date. this pic is not taken on 2004 k)

i followed parents to market today. deposit some money. me & dad went to TM to helloshop to change my plan to student plan but it was a long story and in the end we didnt change ownership. then dad and me ate at KFC, and then when we were making our way to NTUC, we stopped by this spectacles shop and dad bought this sunglasses and as for me, dad bought for myself a pair of contact lens. finally, my "craving" for contact lens is over. thnks dad. then, we made our way home sweet home..

that skirt @ bugis
that top @ bugis

samsung's mp3 (quite essential for me cos music is my everything)

hair dye
contact lens (got it from daddy today)
many2 tops
many2 bottom
lasagne @ secret recipe
digi cam
curl my hair

big spender kepe!!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

me, iqah, fred, wan pao and saiful made our way to syidah's open house today around 2+. yeap its just the 5 of us. we slack at syidah's place till 4+ and we made our way home. lucky for me, i had 1 straight bus home! 72!! gees* wanted to buy rollers but tkde seh kat houg point. had some arguements with fikri simply cause he didnt trust me but i didnt blame him. entah eh. my relationship with him is way too rocky den i ever imagine but insyaAllah im gonna get over this. i really cant wait to go karaoke this wednesday. till here. more fotos will b uploaded when syidah sent me thru msn from her camera. and as for today, my house pon ader mcm open house gitu lah. my cousins auntie all coming to my place. and my mum masak sedap2. sambal udang especially but fucking hell to my ulcer, i takleh makan. baik kan. mcm siak.. so ok lor =(